How to Get Google Knowledge Panel for Brand and Business

What is Company Knowledge Panel?

When you search a company, brand or business name (not a person name) in the Google search, search engine may. show an information box at the right hand side (in desktop) including logo of the company, founder, founding date, headquarter location etc. It called company knowledge panel

Example of Company Knowledge Panel

How to Get Company Knowledge Panel

Getting company knowledge panel is very easy if you follow our guide accordingly. Otherwise many big companies don’t have company knowledge panel yet.

Do you want to have company knowledge panel for your brand or business? Obviously every business in the world eager to have it and curious to know how to get it.

Today in this post I will teach you how to create company knowledge panel on Google search, and you may also be interested in How to Get Google Knowledge Panel for Person

GMB Local Business Listing

If you also want to get company knowledge panel then never create local business listing on Google My Business, because it stops you from getting company knowledge panel.

See example below: my company name “FAMEPublish” has been added to my personal knowledge panel but when someone click on company name in my knowledge panel then user is redirected to local business listing of FAMEPublish.

So this is the disadvantage having local business listing. So try to not create local business listing if you would like to have company knowledge panel.

When someone clicks on FAMEPublish, redirected to local business listing.

So friend now I have removed local business listing from my GMB account and waiting to completely delete it from search results so that I can see my company knowledge panel.

Person Knowledge Panel

First thing always come first, so first try to create your own personal knowledge panel. Once you get your person knowledge panel then you can suggest that you own a company with a supporting link for verification of facts, then Google easily adds company knowledge panel to your personal knowledge panel and then you have both panels😀.

A Lot of Press Release

Press release is very important and crucial for every business these days. It helps boost your business and plays an important role in increasing your online visibility specially on search result page.

Press release powers your knowledge panel.

Sunil Butolia

You can suggest changes to Google if you have press release on good platforms, otherwise Google rejects your suggestions everytime because lack of press.

Google adds information to its search results page that is important and relevant to search users and the information which is publicly available on the internet. So as the business owner it’s your turn to make your information publicly available, so that Google can use it to make knowledge graph (connected information to each other) also called linked data.

Company Listing Websites

There are lot of websites that creates free listing of businesses so try to use them to feed your information to Google in order to have company knowledge panel.

Official Website

Official website is one and only thing that Google gives priority when collects information about your brand or business, so create your website early.

And you should also add company schema markup to your website to provide structured data to the Google.

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