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Hello everyone! my name is Sunil Butolia, I am a Digital Marketer and Google Knowledge Panel Consultant and Brand SERP Strategist, live in New Delhi, India. I have helped many Influencers, Celebrities, and Entrepreneurs to get their Wikipedia Page as well as Google Knowledge Panel.

Today, through this article, I will clear all of your doubts about the Google Knowledge Panel.

As I am a digital marketer many followers ask me “How to Get a Google Knowledge Panel?”.

So today I am writing this article to guide you through the process to get a knowledge panel for your personal brand or business on the Google search engine results page. This guide is specially for Person knowledge panel, so you may also interested in “How to Get Google Knowledge Panel for Brand or Business“.

To get verified on Google, first you will need to have your own Knowledge Panel on Google’s search engine result page (SERP) so here’s how you can get it.

Importance of Knowledge Panel

What is the Google Knowledge Panel?

Google Knowledge Graph also called Google Knowledge Panel is a tool provided by Google to give a better search experience to users.

Knowledge Panel gives verified and authentic status on Google search. People like to follow celebrities who have strong presence on the internet, so Google panel gives you strong presence.

Google knowledge graph is a tool which shows most relevant and updated information about the person or brand on search engine result page. Knowledge Panel shows that the business or person has a verified, authentic and trusted entity on Google search.

Knowledge Panels are information boxes that appear on Google‘s first page when someone searches for an entity (people, places, organizations, things). They are meant to help you get a quick snapshot of information on a topic based on Google’s understanding of available content on the web.

Knowledge Panel is shown on the right-hand side of the Google search result page.

Kps have a lot of positive side effects

Adding a knowledge panel for branded searches helps bury the ads on the right side of the search result.  These AdWords ads are typically from your competitors, and generating a KP for your brand pushes these down below the fold, and in many cases, Google ceases to include the sidebar ads altogether.

Additionally, one of the most effective ways to reduce the visibility of negative Google+ reviews in branded search results is to switch Google from showing a local knowledge panel to a brand panel.

A brand knowledge panel does not focus on the local aspects of a business (their address, phone number, hours, and reviews), but rather focus on more important things for a brand – what they do, who their leadership is, what their social profiles are, etc.  You’ll note that the panel for Microsoft shown below does not display any reviews or star ratings.

This is a big win if you’re company is combating negative Google reviews.

Types of Knowledge Panel

There Are Three Main Types of Knowledge Panel

There are three types of knowledge panels: Brand or Company, Person & another is Local listing. Brand panels contain general entity information including social profiles, product descriptions, and the entity’s founding date, among others.

1. Brand or Company Knowledge Panel

Here’s an example of Microsoft’s company knowledge panel.  You’ll notice it shows the company logo, Wikipedia summary, reviews, and a “People also searched for” section.

2. Person Knowledge Panel

Here’s an example of a Person’s Knowledge Panel. Unlike the Brand KP, the Person KP includes a Picture, a Wikipedia summary, personal information, and social profiles.

For a musical artist, it shows released songs and for authors, it shows published books.

3. Local Business Listing or Google My Business – (GMB)

This type of panel is very easy to create and it supercharges local businesses like car-washing shops, barbers, vegetable shops, etc.

Local panels contain locally-focused details including locations, building addresses, Yelp pages, and reviews.

How to Create Google Knowledge Panel?

There are many data sources that can help us to create Google Knowledge Panel, but as we have already mentioned, we can’t create KP directly.

In order to get KP, we have to feed information to Google in the form of Structured Data. It helps Google to collect that data to show the Knowledge Panel.

In this guide, I will explain all available data sources which can help to get the Knowledge Panel.

There are many websites from where Google picks structured data.

Many data sources are scraped, but not all information is displayed

Google frequently scrapes information from online databases, social profiles, and other websites to generate Knowledge Panels.

Here are some data sources we’ve identified that Google relies on to populate KPs:


Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia.  Google frequently scrapes Wikipedia entries when building the Knowledge Graph.

If someone has a Wikipedia page then he/she can get Knowledge Panel automatically, without doing anything.

Wikipedia is the world’s biggest information portal which is an online encyclopedia, it is very useful to learn biographies of person and to collect information on various subjects. You can learn more to Create a Wikipedia Page.


Similar to Wikipedia, Wikidata is also not for everyone.

Wikidata is a structured database that is maintained by Wikimedia, the same company that runs Wikipedia.

Wikidata is a powerful tool and a database to record entities which useful for the Semantic Web.

But like Wikipedia it’s not for everyone, Wikidata was developed to provide backup support to Wikipedia.

Wikidata is a freely available database website which can be edited by anyone in the world. Google uses its data to generate various Knowledge Panels it also help Google connection between Knowledge Panels.

You just need to create an account on Wikidata then create a new item and fill information in it about the entity.

Glossary of Wikidata terms used:

  • Item It is a page in Wikidata’s main namespace representing a real-life topicconcept, or subject. Items are identified by a prefixed id, or by a sitelink to an external page, or by a unique combination of multilingual label and description.
Datamodel in Wikidata.svg
Glossary of Wikidata terms used
  • Properties It is a descriptor of a value for a particular item. In other words, it is an attribute for an item.
  • Statements are a piece of data about an item, recorded on the item’s page. A statement consists of a claim (a property-value pair such as “Season: Winter” about an item, together with optional qualifiers), supported by optional references (giving the source for the claim).
  • Claim It is simply a statement without references.
  • Value Simply information about an item that explains something about one of its property.
  • Quantifier It is a part of the claim that says something about the specific claim, often in a descriptive way.

Structured Data

Schema markup on a website that gives Google instructions on what the date and text on a page mean.

Schema markups are structured data which helps robots and spiders finding and indexing content available on the internet. They help Google showing results in a structured manner.

You can generate schema markups here:

Select Person to generate schema markup for Person and select organisation to generate schema markup for business, company or brand.

To get knowledge panel for your business, you can generate schema markup here:

After generating your schema markup paste it in <head> section on your website or blog.

JSON-LD is the perfect format of schema markup because it’s a future-ready format, so you need to use JSON-ld format.

Google+ Page

Google+ is Google’s social media platform and is used by Google when forming both brand and local KPs. But Google+ has Discontinued its services for public use, its only available for Gsuite users.


Freebase is an online database.  It is not as large as Wikipedia, but it is still a large source of structured data.  Freebase entered read-only mode in early 2015, so the database is no longer editable.

YouTube Artist Channel

If you’re an artist on YouTube, your Official Artist Channel (OAC) brings together all your content from your different YouTube channels into one place. The channel automatically programs your music catalog on two new shelves, including your music videos, songs, and albums. Learn more to Create YouTube Official Artist Channel – OAC


There should have some music released. Learn How to Get Your Music on Spotify.


IMDb profiles are a must-have these days for actors and other professional those are a part of the film industry. This type of profile is chargeable and if you were in the cast of a big film then obviously you will get your knowledge panel without doing anything, just add your name to that film’s IMDb cast section.

How to Claim Google Knowledge Panel?

We have written a separate guide on How to Claim Google Knowledge Panel to keep things clear.

Update information in Google Knowledge Panel

We have assembled this topic on Suggesting Changes in Google Knowledge Panel.

Fixing Disambiguation

 Sometimes Google shows your knowledge panel in tinny size on its SERP. In order to view the full-size knowledge panel, we have to click on that tinny knowledge panel. This thing called KP Disambiguation, you can learn more to Fix Knowledge Panel Disambiguation.

Knowledge Panel Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers

I have created a separate page about Knowledge Panel Questions and Answers to keep things clear.

Have questions? You can ask anything regarding Knowledge Panel on this Twitter thread.

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