Shrey Yadav

Shrey Yadav is one of those people who didn’t wait for the opportunity to come instead he created his own. He is now India’s youngest digital marketer and social media influencer.

He has worked with many multinational companies, actors, social workers, YouTubers and influencers.

He has helped many companies uplift their bran value by helping them in their pr and digital works. He says that many negative people came in his way while achieving this success but he didn’t got carried away instead he used their words as motivation and now he is on the verge of revolution and he has now achieved a lot in just a small age. He is just 15 years old and is currently the best in his work field and the most trusted one also.

Shrey have ever stopped working since he started he said that the starting phase of his work was very difficult but still he didn’t stopped and now his company has generated a revenue of more than 1 million revenue in just a short time span of 3 months by his skill and his co-workers he says we all work like a family thus we have achieved a lot in this time span.