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Currently Google is taking too much time to reply of Knowledge Graph Claims, that's why all my clients are frustrating and asking me what's wrong with it and why Google is not responding for their verification requests. Some of them asks for refund but its not the actual solution. Before the Covid-19 Google was taking just 2 days to verify each and every panel. But nowadays it has been long time process and no feedback from Google, and may long more than 2-3 months. So I want to tell you another process to claim your Google Knowledge Panel fast as faster with your of

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ट्विटर शुक्रवार से ब्लू वेरिफिकेशन टिक को फिर से शुरू कर रहा है।

ट्विटर शुक्रवार 22 जनवरी से ट्विटर खाते की सत्यापन प्रक्रिया को फिर से शुरू कर रहा है, इसलिए अधिक खाते सोशल नेटवर्क से ब्लू टिक प्राप्त करने में सक्षम होंगे। यह निष्क्रिय खातों को डी-बैज करना शुरू कर देगा, और जल्द ही नए सत्यापित खातों के लिए आवेदन खोल देगा। ट्विटर ने कहा कि यह 2021 में सत्यापन के लिए आवेदन करने के लिए जनता के लिए स्व-सेवा आवेदन पोर्टल को फिर से लॉन्च किया जाएगा। यहां उन सभी चीजों के बारे में जानकारी है जो आपको बदलावों के बारे में जानने की जरूरत है और यह भी कि आप सत्यापन के लिए आवेदन कैसे कर सकते हैं। ट्विटर एकाउंट सत्यापन के लिए पात्रता ट्विट


Difference between Knowledge Graph ID and Freebase ID

Brand SERP and SEO experts already know "What is Knowledge Graph ID and Freebase ID? and able to distinguish the difference between the two. Both are types of machine-generated ID's and both are identifiers. These identifiers give a unique identity to millions of entities available on the open internet. Entities which has a freebase ID, known as MID, and which do not have a freebase ID known as KGMID or Knowledge Graph ID. Don't be confused between the two identifiers. I will show you screenshots of both the identifiers and let you know the differences. Goo


What is Schema Markup and How to Install it on Your Website

Schema Markup is a machine readable code that tells search engines like Google, what is your webpage about, and what content is available on your webpage. So that Google can better understand your content, and it's also better to rank your website higher in search engine results page (SERP). It makes information available on your webpage structured, you can check that structured data using "structured data testing tool". How to install Schema Markup on WordPress Website Schema Markup supports a large number of structured data types. For example Person, Organizatio


How to Get Google Knowledge Panel for Brand and Business

What is Company Knowledge Panel? When you search a company, brand or business name (not a person name) in the Google search, search engine may. show an information box at the right hand side (in desktop) including logo of the company, founder, founding date, headquarter location etc. It called company knowledge panel Example of Company Knowledge Panel How to Get Company Knowledge Panel Getting company knowledge panel is very easy if you follow our guide accordingly. Otherwise many big companies don't have company knowledge panel yet. Do you want to have comp