How to Get Custom URL for Your YouTube Channel

What is YouTube Custom URL

Most of social media platform offers custom url for their users which is easy to remember and more brandable.

For example when we create a fresh facebook account we get accounts link which is something like:

Facebook offers us to change that ugly URL to what we want as per our requirement (depends it’s availability).

So after this customization we get a fully customized URL which is called custom URL or vanity URL which is more specific easy to understand, relevant and meaningful.

On youtube, we can also customise the channel URL as per our requirements.

For example we can change youtube channel url from to which is more brandable and easy to remember so that our followers can trust and recognise our channel.

How to claim YouTube channel custom URL

  1. Login to and click on profile at top right corner to go to settings

  2. Click on gear icon, youtube settings

  3. Now you are in the YouTube account setting page, click on Channel status and features

  4. Now click on claim under Custom URL

  5. Enter your desired link and submit


How to Publish Your Own Quotes to Get Fame?

Today I will tell you some of the easiest way to publish your own quotes to get fame and publicity.

There are many android apps available which offers creating quotes but I will tell you the best options here which will help you getting your quote on Google’s top page.

as you can see only big celebrity are able to publish quotes through their own website or Wikipedia but now I will tell you easiest and free ways to get it done.


Famepedia is the best alternative of Wikipedia which gives you opportunities to create your own biography page. You can also create your own quotes on Famepedia. there is no limits, you can create as much as you can. Google indexes it fast so your quotes shows in Google search fast.

First you need to create your account on then search your name in the website, your name will appear in red link, click on that red link and a new window will open where you can fill details about you, when you have done then save the page. That’s all!


Goodreads is another way to publish quote. It’s an Amazon subsidiary website which gives authors a cataloging platform to showcase their books and quotes just for free.

  • You just need to create an account.
  • Then you can add your book details on it you can also publish your own quotes.
  • You can create Goodreads author profile and it also gives you an opportunity to claim it.

Goodreads is reputed and high authoritative website so google indexes it very fast so in less time your quotes start showing on Google search when someone searches about your quotes.


YourQuote is the best website to publish your quotes because it is specially made for quotes. You can add a beautiful background image which gives your quote a beautiful look and makes it attractive.

This website is specially designed to publish quotes so you will love it. You can follow other authors, like their quotes and they can also like your quotes and follows you.


IMDb is also a subsidiary company of Amazon and this website is for actor and movies directors but it also gives option to publish your quotes. But it only offers trial period only for 30 days, after that you need to renew your account to use IMDb and renewal cost is very expensive.


List of Popular Celebrity Managers in India

Today I would like to tell you about India’s most popular and young celebrity managers.

Harish Pednekar

Harish Pednekar started his career in the field of journalism and entrepreneurship. However, the journey hasn’t been a cakewalk for Harish. He worked hard to reach where he is in his professional life today. In 2017, he won ‘The Most Active Person of Media‘ by the media fraternity.

It was in 2016 when Harish started working for a Bollywood website called Business of Cinema or BoC. He was hired for doing backend work for the website, but his boss was impressed with him and granted a promotion. That’s when Harish got a chance to go on the field and interview various Bollywood celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Katrina Kaif, Varun Dhawan and many others.

Dhrumil Soni

Dhrumil Soni is the founder and CEO of Pixatronix, a full-service digital media agency that partners with businesses to boost their business outcomes.

The boy who failed in class 10, who lost hope of securing the future. Even when he applied through distance education, he failed again in 12th class. However, everything’s changed for him now. He’s one of the youngest Social Media Maestro (Manager) in the country.

He is counted among the youngest self-made first generation businessmen. He is one of the most abiding success stories in the business, His company from Gujarat and it is through his visionary and compelling leadership that the company has emerged as India’s most diversified and successful Company.

He is a very dedicated person when it comes to his work. He has been traveling for years for his business to manage a different kind of politicians and celebrities. He has been diligently working for his dreams for song. He believes that this is not enough for him and he is indefatigable. Whatever he has achieved at a very young age might be everyone’s fantasy.

These are the human potentials of India, and nowadays entrepreneurship is running in everyone’s blood especially in Indian youths. You may see a lot more young Indian entrepreneurs that will be going into this list in the coming years.

Sunil Butolia

Sunil Butolia is one of the favorite and trusted celebrity manager and social media manager in Bollywood. He is the founder and CEO of Fame Internet and Fame Promoters which helps new talents to shine in the Bollywood industry. He is very talented and down to earth person, has been in the digital marketing industry since 2010.

He has worked with a lot of celebrities, singers and business personalities and helped them in completely understanding social media and making it a friendly place for these stars.

Varun Taneja

Pratham Singh

Pratham Singh is from New Delhi and 17 years old now. He is studying in class 12th at St Gregorios School, Delhi. Pratham had started online marketing and digital promotions at the age of 15 as a freelancer. He was learning new skills every day and started applying them for different projects. That’s how the journey started. In a short period of just 2 years, Pratham is very popular in his field. His hard work and passion for Digital Marketing are the reasons for his success.

Pratham has worked with many famous celebrities. Let’s mention some of them here. Romil Chaudhary, a contestant of Big Boss Season 12, Maera Mishra from Splitsvilla Season 11, Punjabi Singer Shivjot, Javed Khan Winner of Indias Got Talent, Famous Haryanvi Singer Gulzaar Chhaniwala and much more.

Rohan Singh

Rohan Singh is one of the most popular and trusted celebrity managers in Bollywood. He is the man behind some amazing talents we have seen in the film industry. What makes Rohan better than others is the way he smoothly works with the celebs who seek out to him for help when it comes to social media. 

He has worked with a lot of celebs and helped them in completely understanding social media and making it a friendly place for these stars. Soon, Rohan Singh will be launching several Punjabi talents in Bollywood. The Hindi film industry already has several artists working from various film industries from the country. It would be interesting to see who all Rohan is planning to launch.

Poonam Damania

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How to Claim Your Goodreads Author Profile? Here’s How

If you are an author or would like to become in near future then this post will make you happy because in this post we will explain how to add a book and claim a goodreads author profile.

What is GoodReads?

Goodreads is powered by Amazon, it offers an engaged platform for authors and readers. Its an online books cataloging service and even provides portfolio to the book authors.

How to Add a Book to Goodreads?

If you would like to add your book to goodreads platform then you can do it with few simple steps. Goodreads gives two methods to add a book, you can add book details manually and also you can import a book details from a link.

How to Claim a Goodreads Author Profile?

There are millions of books available on Goodreads platform and millions of authors added automatically, later author can claim profile to add their profile picture, biography and other useful informations. This information also adds value to your Google Knowledge Graph

First you need to visit Goodreads Author Program page on a desktop version, then follow these steps:

  1. Sign in or create an account, and then search for your most popular book via ISBN, ASIN, or title.
  2. On the book, click on your author name. Scroll to the bottom of your author profile page.
  3. Click “Is this you? Let us know!” to complete and submit the application.

You will see a text box, fill details who are you and why you want to claim this profile, add links of your social media profiles and an email address where they can contact you obviously you will give them your goodreads registered email address.

Add Quote to Your Author Profile

Goodreads offers very useful tools to authors, including quotes. You can add a quote by visiting Add new quote


How to Add Your Book to Google Library Project

Google has introduced a great feature in which Google scans books and try to add them into their library.

As your book added to the Google library, then you will be able to see Knowledge Graph of your book.

Here I am sharing some useful information to get benefit of this rich feature of Google library project.

What is Google Library Project?

According to Google: “The Library Project is an important part of Google’s efforts to make it easier to find information – in this case, the information found in print books. By partnering with libraries to digitise books from their collections, we aim to build a searchable catalogue of the world’s books online. “

Google scans books and add to their library to make it possible for users to search on Google through millions of books written in many different languages, including books that are rare, out of print or generally unavailable outside of the library system.

Request to Scan a Book

If you are an author and would like to add a preview of your book to Google Books but you don’t have a copy and it hasn’t yet been scanned by Google, you can request to make it available on Google books.

Request to Remove a Book

If you are an author and would like to exclude your book from being scanned for the Library Project or remove the search option for a book that’s already been scanned, request here.

Request to Claim a Book

If you hold the rights to a book that was scanned as part of the Library Project, you can make a request to transfer it to the Partner Programme. In this case a portion of pages will become browsable to users and you’ll be able to add a link to your own website. Send your transfer request.


What is Internet of Things (IoT)? How does it Work?

You must have read “Internet of Things” on the Internet, but if you do not know about it yet, today I am going to give you complete information about it.

Internet of things is a very advanced technology which we are going to use in our daily life very soon.

If I ask you, who brings vegetables in your house? You will answer that I or my household members bring. How would you like to know that in future your fridge will automatically place an online order for the vegetable by checking the availability of the vegetable itself, or is this a very amazing technique.

Internet of Things is a technology with the help of which all our daily essential tasks will become automatic. And we will not have to worry much about our daily work.

What is Internet of Things (IoT)?

Internet of Things Kya Hai Hindi

The full form of IoT is Internet of Things (IoT). This is a concept in which all the necessary devices of the world will be connected to the internet.

Then all the appliances in your house will be connected to each other as well as through the net you can talk to each other and if needed, contact each other and also give directions to each other.

These include many devices such as: – cell phones, coffee makers, washing machines, headphones, lamps, all wearable devices and everything you can think of.

Example of “Internet of Things”

To understand this concept better, let us use an example so that you can understand it in a better way.

Suppose you are sleeping deeply, your heartbeat has suddenly increased while sleeping, so the cencors in your hands find something unusual in your heartrate, so these instruments start vibrating loudly to wake you up. Which breaks your sleep.

As soon as you open the screen of your mobile, you see a message on it that says, “Your blood pressure is high” and it also advises you to take two aspirin. Not only this but with this, he records all your signals and sends them to your doctor.

The team of doctors in the hospital is evaluating your data and after their observation they feel that you should come to the hospital immediately and for this they electronically send an emergency medical team to your house, who have all your health condition data are present.

On reaching home of the medical team, you get a message about their arrival by phone. He immediately takes you to the hospital for medical treatment.

The doctor comes to you in the morning and gives you the good news that “Now your health is better than before and now you don’t have to worry. You had a severe heart attack but due to treatment in time, a big problem has been prevented. ”

Now you must have understood how the Internet of Things can make our life better.

Who named the Internet of Things?

In 1999, a scientist named Kevin Ashton first named the concept ‘Internet of Things’. Then he used to work in P&G.

Which devices can become part of IoT?

Any device that has a switch of on and off can become part of the IoT.
Devices that you can connect to the internet:

  • Connected Wearable – Smartwatches, Smart glasses, fitness bands etc.
  • Connected Homes – इसमें ऐसे उपकरण शामिल है जिन्हें की हम घर पर इस्तमाल करते हैं.
  • Connected Cars – vehicles जो की internet के साथ connect हो सकें.
  • Connected Cities – smart meters जो की आसानी से ये analyse कर सकते हैं water, gas, electricity के usage को

What is the need of Internet of Things?

Here I am going to tell you about its usefulness.

  • Provides the best possible feedback for your physical and mental health.
  • Provides the best possible resource allocation in real-time monitoring.
  • Provides the best possible decision making in mobility patterns.
  • With this, it provides the best possible connection to local providers who have global potential.

What are the main Opportunities and Benefits of IoT?

IoT gives us opportunities to do our work more effectively which saves us time as well as money, while our work gets done easily.

Internet of Things also solves our day-to-day problems such as finding parking for our car in a busy area, and finding out if we need more milk with fridge’s webcam.

With this IoT also provides us many benefits industrially.

What are the main Threats and Challenges of IoT?

All the devices which are connected to the internet in the future can be easily hacked, since IoT is also based on the internet, so it can also be hacked. You must have seen many such scenes in movies where hackers hack their systems and do their work.

Technology is progressing at a very fast pace, so if it is not controlled in time, it can bring great difficulties for us in future.

If all the things will be linked to online then there are many chances of having many privacy issues. In the future, intelligence services can use this IoT for identification, surveillance, monitoring, location tracking, and recruitment targeting and to gain access over networks.


Through Internet of things (IoT) all the necessary tools can connect with each other but also talk among themselves and do many of our tasks. IoT is a very large network in which devices can be connected with devices, apart from that it will be easy to connect devices with people and also with people, as all are connected with each other in the same network in future. Time may also come when we may have to completely depend on IoT.


Why Social Media Managers Are Important These Days?

Social Media Manager is not just about posting content on social media but it has many responsibilities. They curates brand’s social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc, create posts, They monitor, moderate and respond to audience comments; manage social media partnerships with other brands; and create and/or post shareable videos and images.

They also strategize and run digital marketing campaign to create a buzz and analyze the data results to improve more like minded audience. They have to coordinate with the design team to make illustrations and memes for their accounts.

Who hires social media managers?

In fact, since the advent of Internet in the world, the number of people who have become popular overnight and now there is no shortage of work, are earning a lot of money. But such people have shortage of time, so they are unable to check their social media accounts themselves, while they have a large number of followers, due to which they need to be connected with their followers.

So they get this job done by the social media manager. Actually social media manager has become a kind of profession in which a person maintains your social media accounts according to the hours.

He posts photos on your Instagram on your Instagram, likes other photographs and posts incoming messages and comments.

How much does a social media manager make?

Due to the lack of professionals in this field, it is quite lucrative, an early social media manager takes $ 15 per hour. While $ 50 per hour is also charged.

Famous Social Media Managers in India

So now you must be thinking that you should leave all work and start this work. I would like to tell you there are many famous social media managers in India who work with big celebrities, some of them are Harish Pednekar, Sunil Butolia

How much does a social media manager make in India?

The average salary of social media manager in India varies from 40,000 rupees per month to 100,000 rupees per month which depend on your experience and type of the organization you are working in. The average salary of a Social media Manager is Rs. 31,00,000/annum in USA.


Proven way to Instagram Account Verification

The blue verification tick you see besides an influencer’s name on Instagram is a sign of popularity.

Only the most popular and influential Instagram users will get it. In fact, it can be incredibly difficult to get verified on Instagram.

It is important to remember what these symbols mean. The social networks have not designed them to represent popularity. They were created to signify authenticity. The term “verified” indicates that Instagram has made an effort to ensure that you are who you say you are.

Verification on Instagram ensures that people can find the correct account when they search for a particular celebrity or influencer. A verified account belongs to “the real deal.” It is not a fan account, a tribute account, or a fake account.

However, Instagram only wants to verify people whom they deem important enough for somebody to want to set up fake accounts or imitate. If you are a “normal” person, there is no reason for somebody to impersonate you. So, from Instagram’s point of view, there is no reason to verify you.

Below is a fun tool to estimate your chances of getting verified on Instagram – this is in no way endorsed by Instagram and merely a fun way to check whether you are on the right track. We have analyzed 1000 social profiles and considered social factors that may play a part in instagram verification.

  • Instagram Handle
  • Verification on another Social Network
  • Wikipedia Page
  • Featured Press
  • Personal Website/Blog
  • Contributor on another website
  • Is this username /brand trademarked

How to Get Verified on Instagram:

Official Instagram Statements

Instagram makes its views on verification clear on its knowledge base. It says that a verified badge means “that Instagram has confirmed that this is the authentic account for the public figure, celebrity or global brand it represents.”

“Accounts representing well-known figures and brands are verified because they have a high likelihood of being impersonated. We want to make sure that people in the Instagram community can easily find the authentic people and brands they want to follow.”

Instagram also makes it clear that it is up to them to decide who qualifies as a public figure, celebrity or global brand. You cannot just apply to become verified.

Instagram also makes it clear that although Facebook owns it, it uses separate procedures to determine who should have an Instagram verified badge on their profile.

The followers of somebody on Facebook and Instagram are entirely different. Someone who is famous on one of the networks, may not be considered a celebrity on the other.

Ultimately, Instagram sums up its policy with the following statement. “Currently, only Instagram accounts that have a high likelihood of being impersonated have verified badges.” If people can find your Instagram account easily enough, then Instagram is unlikely to verify you.

Of course, despite Instagram not considering the verification tick to be a status symbol that is how many of its users see it. Instagrammers who have it display it proudly and those who lack it often feel that Instagram has denied them “authenticity power.”

What Can You do to Get Verified on Instagram?

If you want to have that verified badge beside your name, then you need to turn yourself into a “public figure, celebrity or global brand.” In other words, you need to become a real influencer.

There is some evidence, however, that you first need to do this on a platform other than Instagram. This makes sense. If you have many genuine followers on Instagram, then people can obviously find you quickly enough. They are unlikely to be confused by whether your account is your own.

Hence you should first apply the suggestions here to another social network and build an influencer status there before you use them on Instagram. If you build up a following on Instagram too quickly, before you find fame elsewhere, you may never become verified.

1. Build Your Followers and Engagement

Clearly the key to being famous online is to become a true influencer. This means that you need plenty of people wanting to follow you.

However, more importantly, you want followers who will interact with you and engage with your posts and statuses. There is no point in having irrelevant followers, just to boost your numbers.

We have previously covered how to become famous on Instagram. Although this focuses on making the most of Instagram’s graphic nature, you can still use many of those tips to build your influencer status on another platform first.

An essential requirement is to define your niche. When you try to ask everybody to follow you, in this way you never increase your engagement. To let people engage with your posts you need to build up recognition for your expertise in your preferred niche.

For instance, Zoe Sugg first built her online reputation with her personal beauty and lifestyle blog – Zoella.

She started her social media life with a YouTube channel, where she developed a reputation as a fashion and beauty guru. That channel now has more than 12 million dedicated followers.

Having built her reputation on YouTube, Zoe was able to make a successful transition to other social networks, including Instagram. She has now developed a sizeable audience there that matches her YouTube following.  Other people have opened similarly named Instagram accounts, so Instagram verified Zoe’s account to avoid confusion.

2. Use Popular Hashtags to Help Make Yourself More Visible

One way you can help your posts reach a wider audience is to use popular hashtags. Both Instagram and Twitter suggest popular hashtags. There are also independent apps to assist with ideas, such as Hashtagify or TagBlender.

Shortstack lists 158 popular hashtags for Instagram marketing, Instagram contests/promotions, restaurants, boutiques/retailers, and musicians. They also include the 100 most popular hashtags. According to this list, Instagram’s ten most popular hashtags are:

#love, #instagood, #photooftheday, #tbt, #beautiful, #cute, #me, #happy, #fashion, #followme

It is important that you only use hashtags they are relevant to your niche, however. You are never going to be accepted as an influencer if you create posts that are irrelevant to your niche and followers.

One common practice is to create a hashtag for your personal brand and to encourage your followers to use it regularly.

3. Cross Promote Your Social Media Accounts

One way you can build your following on Instagram, or any other network is to promote all of your social network accounts. That way, your Instagram followers may choose to follow you on YouTube, your Twitter followers may sign up to your Facebook page, your Facebook followers may join you on Instagram, etc.

By establishing popularity across a range of sites, you come across as being more of an internet celebrity, and more likely to be considered somebody worthy of Instagram verification.

You want your entire online presence to come across as a single outlet for you (or your brand’s) personality. Therefore you want your blog, YouTube page, and all of your social media sites to link together seamlessly. Combined, they represent you. If you desire to be an influencer you need a wide-ranging and varied online platform. Instagram should be just one part of your overall online social platform.

4. Make Your Posts at the Best Times for Your Target Social Network

To encourage maximum engagement, you will want as many people as possible to see your posts. That means you should post at the times when most of your followers are checking their social media accounts.

Yes, you will have to compete with more posts from others at those times, bit if you can prove you are influential, you should be able to stand out from lower-quality posters.

Remember that the best way to get verified on Instagram is to build a following on another platform first. So you will need to follow the best practices for the initial platform you choose to target.

5. Personalize Your Posts

Do not forget that the reason that Instagram verifies selected accounts is to guarantee that they are official accounts belonging to actual public figures, celebrities or global brands. Therefore, you need to ensure that your account differs in some way from anyone else who might choose to use your name or something very similar.

If you operate a cold, impersonal account, then there is no advantage to somebody if they follow you. They might as well support a generic copycat if you do not provide them with anything better.

You need to add personality to your postings. If you merely post pictures of buildings or landscapes you are not adding value. Indeed you are not influential in any way. If you are a portraying yourself as a fashion influencer, there is little point in just posting pictures of clothing. You will do far better by posting a picture of people wearing the attire in attractive settings, or you modeling it.

6. Avoid Bad Social Practices

Just like Google, Facebook, and other major internet companies, Instagram is skilled at spotting any attempts to game its system. You need to avoid taking any shortcuts as you attempt to build enough of a reputation as an influencer to gain the coveted verification tick.

Never buy followers. Quite apart from the fact that Instagram will probably spot it, it will lead to you having an “unbalanced” account, i.e., a significant following with little engagement. People you buy as followers, if they exist at all, will have no interest in you, will never see your posts, and certainly will never meaningfully engage with you.

Don’t make spammy comments. Neither Instagram nor its users will consider you an influencer if they associate you with pointless “nice picture”-type comments, that are no different from those created by automatic bots.

Finally, make sure that your posts meet Instagram’s community guidelines. You do not want to be the guy banned by Instagram for posting pictures of nudes or your latest drug paraphernalia.

If you use Instagram the way they want you to, and you build your reputation as an influencer somewhere else first, then the day may come when you open your account to find that Instagram has awarded you their verification tick.

It is hard to get verified on Instagram – but not impossible.

Apps Digital Marketing Internet

How to start a podcast to publish audio files?

A podcast is a kind of audio collection where you record in your voice on any subject and release online.

Which anyone in the whole world can hear anywhere.

Audio collection on your favorite subject which you can listen to and download in your home, office and even in the car.

digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically

An audio file available on the Internet that can be downloaded to a computer or mobile that is on your favorite subject and gets updates for new episodes when subscribed.

What are the benefits of a podcast?

It has many advantages. With the advent of internet, the number of such works is increasing

Through podcasts, anyone can communicate their message to the whole world, it is the cheapest and sustainable way to start their own show.

Nowadays, big companies, news channels, radio channels, TV channels, churches and comedians are also releasing shows through podcasts.

There is no format, and there is no time limit, how long an episode should be depends on the podcaster.

Podcasts can also be subscribed, as soon as a new show arrives, the subscriber gets to know.

It is also becoming popular as a means of earning by which you can increase your income manifold by working from home.

  • You can earn by this.
  • It is very easy to record.
  • Starting and use is absolutely free.
  • It can also bring you fame.
  • No one can see you in this, it is only your voice.

How to start a podcast?

All you need is an Android mobile to start a podcast.

In which you install the Android app named Anchor Podcast.

In this, you have to create your account, and give information about the channel.

That is, the name of the channel and on which subject the episodes will be made etc.

You can then record the episode in your own voice and release the episode.

Anchor is a type of aggregator.

That is, after releasing it, there is no need to release your episode from place to place.

How does the channel come on other platforms?

A podcast created at anchor is automatically created on other platforms.

And the released episode gets released automatically on other platforms like Google Podcast, iTunes, Spotify etc.

For this you do not need to do anything separately.

Rather, the anchor itself makes your podcast available on other podcast platforms.

My anchor channel can be heard at:

When I started my podcast I had put only one episode on it, yet my podcast is available on all big platforms.


How Internet of Things (IoT) can prevent crimes

Crimes are increasing day by day and we need to develop a system to prevent crimes very soon to ensure peaceful and safe environment on The earth for our next generation.

We have to develop a technological innovation to crime prevention and policing. First of all I tell you I am a biggest fan of science-fiction movies like “Iron Man” motive is to tell this so you can understand me better. I was 17, when I first watched a Hollywood movie ‘The Demolition Man’ and I wondered to see that how easily cops catch the criminals in that movie.

Police system was amazing, I am not reviewing that movie here, but I am giving an example to make you understand better, that how we can develope such an environment where no one can do crime, and if someone dare to do then the cops will identify who did it, and then will find him in next few minutes. You are thinking I’m gone mad, but its possible through Internet of Things technology.

IoT Technology has all the answers which people can ask. We all know Alon Musk. Nobody thought earlier that the Rocket Technology could be reusable in future? But Alon Musk made it possible through advanced technology. I want to clear that I am not an expert and I don’t have any technology but I have an idea. So, to know how crimes can be prevented, you must aware of my idea, which is totally based on science-fiction movies and mixing of Advanced Technology.

Defining Criminals

Who criminals are, why do they commit an offence (In order to define ways of preventing criminal), how do they think, what do they do (in order to predict their future actions and assist investigation in catching offenders). Andrews & Bonta, 1998 offered four general definitions of criminal behavior that will fit all the types of it. These four areas include the following types of act:

  1. Prohibited by law and are punished by the state
  2. Considered to be violation moral or religious code and is believed to be punishable by a Supreme Spiritual being such as God.
  3. Violate norms of society or traditions and are believed to be punishable by community.
  4. Acts causing serious psychological stress or mental damage to a victim, but is somewhat affordable for offender (referred as “Psychological criminal behavior” ).

Causes Of Criminal Behavior

Nowadays the psychologists and criminalists agree that what drives a person to criminal behavior is really complex and complicated mechanism, involving a lot of factors.

We can imagine a child, who was born in a “criminal” family (mother is schizopreniac, father is rapist and murderer) but after he got an education and a job there is nothing antisocial in his behaviors. It proves that solely genetics can’t determine one’s inclination to the criminal.

So, it is impossible to predict a person’s “criminality” according to some specific factors, but we can still highlight some circumstances and apply a person to a “relatively higher criminal risk group”.

  • Financial problems, or starvation – this is especially common problem in third world countries. When a person has to struggle every day just to get food to survive, the probability that they become thieves is high.
  • Low social status – when one is bullied because of it, they may easily become aggressors and fight back against the whole society.
  • Genetics – some genetical mental disorders, itself, includes increased aggression.
  • Etc.

Causes Of Crimes – Criminal Behaviour & thinking

The causes of crime are complex. Most people today accept that poverty, parental neglect, low self-esteem, alcohol and drug abuse are all connected in explaining why people commit crimes. What is the common motive behind these crimes? The desire for sense gratification. Some people are simply at greater risk of becoming offenders because of the circumstances into which they are born. Criminologists and social scientists have almost completely overlooked the fact that materialism is the root cause of crime.

False identification of the body as the self leads people to believe that sense enjoyment will satisfy them; and most crimes are directly or indirectly connected to the attempt to find satisfaction in sense enjoyment.

There are many motives of crimes, but there is single reason behind at the crime scene; Criminals thinking, yes! A criminal thought no one watching him and police never be able to find him. Thats it.

If we could set his mind that he is being watched and never escape from police then there is 90% chances, people will avoid doing crime. How to make them understand that they are being watched?

How The Technology Can Prevent and Reduce Crime


First of all government has to inject a very small microchip in the body of every citizen.

Microchip, stop crimes, crime prevention

Every mobile phone should have a Emergency button like volume and power button, there should not need to call emergency number. Because victim don’t get much time to call emergency, but victim can press emergency button easily in less time. It would be time saving and easily accessible.


The process is so simple, as victim press the emergency button, the mobile phone of victim will collects data from all available microchips around specific area (for example: 1 kilometer radius).

Then mobile sends collected data to the nearest police station without losing any moment. As police receive that data, they will activate, and start finding the victim by received location to save her/his life. Then they can easily find the criminal next few minutes because they have their identity.

Advantages of this technology is, police can not arrest innocent people.

Victims mobile be able to collect data including, microchip holder details, name, profession, microchip ID which should be connected to his Aadhar Card. GPS location of crime scene.

May be, Government is not able to proceed this innovation based of microchip technology, but I am 100% sure! this is the only way to prevent crime and violence like rape, murder, attacking, hit and run case. Surely this technology will take place in near future, after 40 or 50 years or may be after 90 years later.

If you have any questions and doubts please comment below, I will try to answer them. Thank you.