How to Get Google Knowledge Panel for Brand and Business

What is Company Knowledge Panel?

When you search a company, brand or business name (not a person name) in the Google search, search engine may. show an information box at the right hand side (in desktop) including logo of the company, founder, founding date, headquarter location etc. It called company knowledge panel

Example of Company Knowledge Panel

How to Get Company Knowledge Panel

Getting company knowledge panel is very easy if you follow our guide accordingly. Otherwise many big companies don’t have company knowledge panel yet.

Do you want to have company knowledge panel for your brand or business? Obviously every business in the world eager to have it and curious to know how to get it.

Today in this post I will teach you how to create company knowledge panel on Google search, and you may also be interested in How to Get Google Knowledge Panel for Person

GMB Local Business Listing

If you also want to get company knowledge panel then never create local business listing on Google My Business, because it stops you from getting company knowledge panel.

See example below: my company name “FAMEPublish” has been added to my personal knowledge panel but when someone click on company name in my knowledge panel then user is redirected to local business listing of FAMEPublish.

So this is the disadvantage having local business listing. So try to not create local business listing if you would like to have company knowledge panel.

When someone clicks on FAMEPublish, redirected to local business listing.

So friend now I have removed local business listing from my GMB account and waiting to completely delete it from search results so that I can see my company knowledge panel.

Person Knowledge Panel

First thing always come first, so first try to create your own personal knowledge panel. Once you get your person knowledge panel then you can suggest that you own a company with a supporting link for verification of facts, then Google easily adds company knowledge panel to your personal knowledge panel and then you have both panels😀.

A Lot of Press Release

Press release is very important and crucial for every business these days. It helps boost your business and plays an important role in increasing your online visibility specially on search result page.

Press release powers your knowledge panel.

Sunil Butolia

You can suggest changes to Google if you have press release on good platforms, otherwise Google rejects your suggestions everytime because lack of press.

Google adds information to its search results page that is important and relevant to search users and the information which is publicly available on the internet. So as the business owner it’s your turn to make your information publicly available, so that Google can use it to make knowledge graph (connected information to each other) also called linked data.

Company Listing Websites

There are lot of websites that creates free listing of businesses so try to use them to feed your information to Google in order to have company knowledge panel.

Official Website

Official website is one and only thing that Google gives priority when collects information about your brand or business, so create your website early.

And you should also add company schema markup to your website to provide structured data to the Google.


How to update information in Google Knowledge Panel

Suggesting Changes in Google Knowledge Panel

Featured image

As the entity’s representative, if your suggested image is accepted, it takes priority over other images. Your suggested image must be appropriate, represent the topic well, and cannot be an ad. Review Google’s content policy for more details.

To set a featured image:

  1. Find your knowledge panel on Google Search. 
  2. Click Suggest a change to provide a direct URL of the image.
    1. To copy an image’s URL, right-click the image and click Copy image address (wording may vary by browser). Do not share the website URL where the image appears.  
    2. If you have Posts on Google, click Update your featured image.

Image requirements are as follows:

  • Format: Your image URL must end in .jpg or .png 
  • Size: Use an image with a 3:4 aspect ratio that’s at least 1,000 pixels.
  • People: If the knowledge panel is for a person, their face should be clearly visible in the image.
  • Logos: Use .PNG or .SVG file formats. 


The title of a knowledge panel is the first text you see that describes the entire panel, typically the name of a person, place, organization or thing. Titles are generated automatically. We only consider changing a title if feedback is accompanied by strong evidence that our automated systems have not made the most representative selection. 


The subtitle of a knowledge panel is the one-line descriptive text that appears immediately below the title. Subtitles are generated automatically. We only consider changing a subtitle if feedback is accompanied by strong evidence that our automated systems have not made the most representative selection.

If a subtitle change is made, it will cause a new automatically generated subtitle to appear. For example, our systems might determine that someone could be called an actor, director, or writer. Only one of these can appear as the subtitle. If our systems selected “actor,” and we received feedback supporting that this wasn’t the best representative subtitle that would be removed. Our systems would then automatically decide whether “director” or “writer” was the next best subtitle and choose one of those.

We cannot accept or create custom subtitles. For example, someone might submit feedback asking to be described as “actor/director.” We are unable to fulfill such requests at this time. We can only remove a non-representative subtitle and allow our systems to automatically select another one, assuming one is available. If one is not available, no subtitle will appear at all.


Descriptions come from various data sources. Google does not edit descriptions. To have these changed, it’s best to contact the data source listed. In turn, that generally causes the description to change within knowledge panels. It also helps ensure that such descriptions used by others across the web are accurate and up-to-date.

If you have contacted a source but were unable to get a description changed, you can submit feedback explaining your efforts and strong evidence of why the description in your knowledge panel is inaccurate, out-of-date or otherwise non-representative.

If evidence supports action, the description will be removed. You cannot submit a custom description to replace it. Google’s systems will look to see if they can form a description from another source. However, it is more likely that the knowledge panel will have no description at all.

Social profiles

Eligible entities will be able to suggest the addition of new, or edit existing, social profiles. Profiles cannot be reordered.

Other items

Beyond the items above, Google will accept feedback on suggested changes but only act to change or remove them in accordance with our policies. For example, we might not make the change you suggest if it contains inappropriate content, or if we can’t confirm its accuracy.
You can provide feedback about “More images” — the images beyond the featured image in a knowledge panel — or items in the “People also search for” section. However, we only act to remove items in these areas if they fail to conform to Google’s policies. We cannot add suggestions or customize these.
Some stats in knowledge panels are specific to the type of entity (e.g. a movie’s run time, a schedule for a music festival, or a person’s birthday). You can also suggest changes to these stats. Not all available stats will appear in the knowledge panel.


How to Claim Google Knowledge Panel

If you search your name in Google search and found your Knowledge Panel, then you can claim it to verify that it belongs to you.

The verification process is not hard, it contains a simple online form and requires some basic details with a photograph holding your government ID in your hand.

Here is the Quick Process to Claim Your Google Knowledge Panel.

  1. Login to your Gmail account in a web browser (Google Chrome)
  2. Search for your entity (The entity is the name of your brand or influencer).
  3. On the right-hand side of the search engine result page, you will see your Knowledge Panel, now click on the “Claim this Knowledge Panel” link below the knowledge graph. (See below picture)
claim this knowledge panel

As you click on Claim this knowledge panel, a new window will open, now you have to click on “Get Verified

Now answer these questions:

Is (Your Name) the name of the person, organisation, or entity that you are trying to claim? Click on Yes if you are sure that the name of the entity is correct and it belongs to you.

Select the most relevant option: Select I am this person (if you are trying to claim your panel yourself)

Tell us why you are claiming this knowledge panel: In this field, you have to provide a reason that you do you want to claim your knowledge panel, you can write as

"I am the public figure and I would like to inform my followers that this panel belongs to me so that they can follow me easily".

What is your full legal name as shown on government-approved photo identification?: In this field, you have to write your real name (mention in your government ID proof).

Country: Select your nationality

Language: Select the desired language, ie: English

Selfie with ID: Now upload a selfie holding a government ID proof like Aadhar, Voter ID, Passport (upload any one), the text should be visible.

Web Profile: You have to fill any two of your social media profile links, for example my instagram link is and facebook page link is

You also need to upload screenshot of your social media profile, login to your facebook and instagram and take screenshot and upload here, you can upload any two social media profile screenshot.

Now click on checkbox at the bottom and click on Submit button.

Things you will need to Claim your Knowledge Graph.

  • Take a selfie with your valid id proof (anyone in Aadhar, passport, and voter card) in which text should be clearly visible. This will help Google verifying your real identity.
  • Your social media accounts URL which you want to connect with your knowledge graph like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  • Screenshot of your social media profiles, when you are logged in, to prove that you own that account.

After submission of the application form if everything is fine you will get confirmation on your registered Gmail ID as shown below.

Claiming Google Knowledge Panel via the Official Website:

  • Login to Gmail account
  • Search your name in Google
  • Below your knowledge panel, click on Claim this knowledge panel
  • In the new window, click on Get Verified
  • Now you will see the above-mentioned image if there is an official website attached with your knowledge panel. Click on your website domain (as in the above-mentioned picture).
  • Your panel now will be verified if you own that domain name and it is listed in your Google Search Central.