What is knowledge panel disambiguation? how to fix it

What is disambiguation?

When google does not show panel but shows a tinny infobox in right side panel says “See result about” and when we click on it then it shows full panel, it is called disambiguation link.

We can fix it by sending feedback to Google in following manner.

Hello Google Team,

I would like to know why I don’t get full result when I search for my own graph it’s shows “see results about” on the right panel when someone googles the entity name in google.

Yet this is not the full graph and to obtain the full graph, a user still needs to click on the link above in order to obtain the result.

My point is that I need the full graph to obtain straight from the time when the entity is searched in Google without having to click first on a disambiguity link.

For the avoidance of doubt, the entity has a unique Name, meaning, no one else has the same, so I am not sure where there is still ambiguity.

Thank you.