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What is Google Knowledge Graph? How to get it for your business?

What is Google Knowledge Graph?

Google knowledge graph is a tool which shows most relevant business or person on search engine result page SERP.
Knowledge panel shows that the business or person has a verified, authentic and trusted entity over the internet.

How to get Google Knowledge Graph for your Business?

Google knowledge graph is very important tool to be stand out in the crowd and to shows real facts about the searched entity.

I was wonder to know how does it works and how to show my own knowledge panel?

You can also get your own google knowledge graph if you qualify below things.

  • You should be a famous person like an sports person, film star, politician etc.
  • You should come in the news.
  • Your Wikipedia page should be available.
Now you can apply to get your google knowledge graph.

Search for your entity, "name"
If your graph is available in search results page, then click on "feedback" link below the graph.
Verify your entity, you will need loging in screenshot of your social profiles and 1 selfie with valid identity proof.

Then google will take 2-3 days to verify your identity if all things are fine.


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